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sitio arqueologico

Tourist Attractions

At about 4 km from the city is the archaeological site Zaculeu, ancient fortress of the Mam Indians, where King Kaibil Balam, known for his bravery, intrenched against the Spaniards led by Captain Gonzalo de Alvarado, who in 1526 he forced them to surrender more by hunger than by force of arms.

Zaculeu was declared pre-Columbian national monument, by agreement of the Ministry of Education June 12 1970.El Zaculeu name is derived from the voices Quiche and Cakchiquel, zac = white, white; and uleu = land, or white ground.

Also in the municipality of San Mateo Ixtatán, you are the archaeological site of San Mateo. As natural attraction, in Huehuetenango it is the birth of the San Juan River, which is one of the most important tourist centers in this department. At the top of the Sierra de los Cuchumatanes is the Mirador Juan Dieguez Olaverri and stones of Cap-Tzin.